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Aria Mother of Pearl Ball Point Pen (Newzealand Shell)

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[Aromatte Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Artte have tried its best to produce the world's best ball point pen without cease.

The world's luxury brand which is carrying on Korean tradition was born by excellent technology and exquisite artisan spirit based on cutting-edge technology after a lengthy research and development.

Artte will go forward firmly with pride that history of Artte is a history of Korean pen as a Korea's first and best brand.

Artte will have great influence on world market gaining highest position in the world as well as in Korea.

Artte Pen was made of eco-friendly solid wood adding mysterious light of a thousand years using Korean traditional mother-of-pearl and lacquer for realizing.

Korean lacquer which is a natural paint is called as the light of a thousand years since it glows with bright natural color as time goes by.

Also, every process contains a high level of artwork expressible only through delicate touch to each pen, and it is a only pen in the world.

It will become a luxury brand which is made by Korean and used by the people in the world.

It is a product beyond writing instrument, and it will become a necessity for successful people showing their personality and dignity.